Carbon Fiber | Composite ManufacturingCarbon Fiber | Composite Manufacturing

Carbon Fiber | Composite Manufacturing

  • Manufactured by: C7 Carbon

Our Process Capabities we currently offer are

  • Vacuum Bagged Production
  • Resin Infusion Production
  • Prepreg 

With over 20 years experience in composite manufacturing we have the experience needed to bring your production online and help you with your product needs.  Many of todays products require advanced techniques to fabricate the most complex shapes and designs.  Our skilled engineers can help you navigate the pros and cons with each type of manufacturing for your product and select the best process for your product.

We also feature a inhouse paint department allows us to spray automotive grade clear coat that will protect your carbon fiber products for years against UV damage from the sun.  Upon request we can also paint your products to your specified color.

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